Missing Turnitin grades from Moodle Gradebook?

We’ve had a few emails recently about grades missing from the Moodle Gradebook – specifically grades that have been awarded to students using Turnitin Assignments.

One reason for this may be down to a known issue around synchronisation of grades from Turnitin to the Moodle gradebook in that synchronisation is not always automatic but the good news is that there is an easy solution to hand.

  1. Locate the ‘Turnitin assignment’ in Moodle and click on Edit > Edit settings:
Screenshot from Moodle showing the Edit pop-up next to a Turnitin assignment

2. Click on the Refresh all Grades from Turnitin link (1, below) and, once complete, click on Grades in the ‘Navigation drawer’ (2, below) to access the Moodle Gradebook:

Screenshot of Moodle showing the 'Refresh all Grades from Turnitin' link

3. The Moodle Gradebook should now be updated, displaying all the grades relating to that Turnitin assignment.

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