Moodle modules gone missing from your Dashboard?

A few academics have recently contacted us with regards to not having their upcoming Moodle modules listed on their Dashboard in Moodle.

This can sometimes be an enrolment issue but the first thing to check is the filter settings on the ‘Course overview’ block on your Dashboard.

Upcoming Moodle modules are likely to have their ‘Start date’ set in the future and so will not appear if you have your ‘Course Overview’ block filtered on In progress so you may need to change the filter to All (except hidden courses) or Future in order to see those upcoming modules listed.

Screenshot of the Moodle Dashboard with the filter options in the Course overview block highlighted.

Harry Kalantzis (Digital Services) has also kindly recorded a brief video to explain the problem and how to resolve it using filters.

Similarly, if you are looking to see previous modules listed in the ‘Course overview’ on your Moodle Dashboard (where the module’s ‘End date’ may have passed), then you’ll need to filter on Past.

Alternatively for past, future and current modules, searching for the module via the ‘Course search’ block should hopefully find your missing module too:

Screenshot of the Moodle Dashboard with the 'Course search' block highlighted.

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