Re-using Panopto recordings from a previous semester

If course content has been “rolled over” from Semester 1 to populate content in an upcoming Semester 2 Moodle course then any video recordings stored in the Semester 1 course folder of Panopto will not have been rolled over.

If you’re re-running a Semester 1 course in Semester 2 (with a new set of students) and would like to re-use some of the recorded content that you stored in the Semester 1 course folder of Panopto then you’ll need to make copies of each recording and move these copies to the Semester 2 course folder.

The process for copying and moving is explained in the TELSupport article: How do I share a Panopto recording between different modules in Moodle? Sadly it’s not possible to copy recordings in bulk so you’ll need to copy one at a time; though happily it is possible to move the recordings in bulk.

Embedded Pantopo recordings

The advice we set out at the beginning of Semester 1 was that students should access recordings via the Panopto LTI activity in the General section of the course. 

I do understand that some academics also chose to embed or link to recordings within the context of the learning (e.g. using a Label, Page, Book or URL resource); sadly, those embedded recordings or links to recordings will need to be re-linked to point to the duplicated recordings in the Semester 2 course folder of Panopto as the Semester 2 students will not have access to the Semester 1 course folder in Panopto where the original recordings reside.

I appreciate that all this is a little frustrating, and we do hope to have a solution in place for future semesters whereby recorded assets are stored somewhere more centrally and the links can therefore remain the same for every semester’s run.

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