Managing marking in the Moodle Assignment activity

I’ve recently received a number of queries about controlling the visibility of grades and feedback for students in relation to marking student submissions to a Moodle Assignment activity.

Whilst it’s true that you can simply hide an Assignment activity from the students, this does make it tricky to begin marking whilst waiting for late submissions and can also be a little confusing when, for the students, a submission dropbox simply disappears from the course page.

The Moodle Assignment activity has a very handy feature called ‘Marking workflow’ which is designed specifically for the task in hand here.

MoodleDocs (Moodle’s official documentation site) is typically a good reference point for help with specific aspects of Moodle, but unusually the documentation for the ‘Marking workflow’ feature is rather limited.

With this in mind, I’ve recently written an article for our TELSupport site which explains just what ‘Marking workflow’ is and how the feature can be used to great effect to manage marking in a granular way and control the visibility of grades and feedback without having to hide the activity … in addition to some other benefits.

Please do check out the TELSupport article:

How do I manage marking and the release of grades using ‘Marking workflow’ in a Moodle Assignment?

to learn about all things ‘Marking workflow’.

Note: this feature applies to the Moodle Assignment activity and not Turnitin Assignment activity.

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