Promote ‘Academic integrity’ course in your modules on Moodle

It is recommended that all students complete the ‘Academic Integrity’ course in Moodle before starting their first piece of assessed work to ensure that students are following good practice and have no academic conduct problems with their assignments.

All Module Leaders should add a link to the ‘Academic integrity’ course in Moodle and position this before any links to assignments in their courses.

Use the instructions below to add the ‘Academic integrity course’ link to your Moodle course:

  1. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. Locate the ‘Assessment’ section in your course and click on +Add an activity or resource.
Moodle screenshot of Assessment section. Link to 'Add an activity or resource' is highlighted.
  1. Select URL resource.
  2. Complete the settings using the following:


Academic integrity course (opens in new tab)

External URL


This is an interactive academic integrity course, designed for all students and developed at Brookes. It takes about one hour to complete. You are strongly recommended to do this course before submitting assignments so that you follow good practice and have no academic conduct problems with your assignments.

☑ Display description on course page

Appearance > Display

New window

  1. Click on Save and return to course.
  2. Move the newly-added URL resource to the top of the ‘Assessment’ section:
Moodle screenshot showing the Assessment section containing the link to the Academic Integrity course

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