How do I restrict access to a Resit assignment dropbox?

Why should I restrict access to a Resit dropbox?

Did you know that Turnitin and Moodle assignment ‘Due Dates’ appear in a student’s Moodle Calendar and Upcoming Events? All students enrolled on a module will see the Resit Due Date regardless of whether they have a resit or not, which can cause confusion. If you restrict the Resit drop box to only those students eligible for resits, then it will ensure only the resit students see it in their Moodle Calendar.

How do I restrict access to an assignment dropbox?

  1. Create a manual group and add the resit students to the group.
  2. Then Edit Settings of the Moodle or Turnitin assignment.
  3. Under Restrict Access, click ‘Add restriction‘.
  4. Select ‘Group‘.
  5. From the dropdown menu, select the Resit Group you created in ‘step 1’ above.
  6. Scroll down and click ‘Save and return to course‘.
Turnitin assignment dropbox showing restriction notice "Not available uness: You belong to 'resit students' group."

Further guidance can be found in our TEL Support article: How do I restrict access to a Turnitin dropbox?

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