Using images in your Moodle course

Are you are looking for images* to use in your Moodle course? Here are some good sources for free public domain images and Brookes in-house images.

Girl on a sea front promenade looking through a telescope
Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash

External sites

Free photos:

Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels 

You can use each of them without a credit, but it’s good practice to credit the creator.

Free graphics and icons:

Undraw No credit required. The image colour can be changed with a click on the swatch, top right of the screen.

The Noun Project some images are available without a credit, others ask for CC0 credit.

Font awesome is a great free font to download – it gives you all the social media icons as well as other useful icons.

Icon Finder At the top of your search results, filter by “Free” to browse free icons. 

There’s some good additional sources at A guide to the best free sites for CC0 art and stock photography

Brookes in-house

For Brookes staff only: Marketing and Communications have an Asset Bank photo library 

Anyone can search it but you need to register to download high resolution photos without the watermark. You can use the images for any Brookes related work.

Brookes Design and Media Services provide a graphics service for teaching, research and other internal focused projects, and can produce images upon request.

*To save space on the Moodle server, ideally you would compress the images via before uploading images to your course as a course/section heading image.

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