Sharing Panopto videos with other staff members

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When a Zoom meeting is scheduled, the recording will automatically be added to Panopto and stored in the ‘Meeting Recordings’ folder belonging to the person who scheduled the meeting.

This presents a strong case as to why we’ve been recommending that tutors schedule their own meetings but I appreciate that this is not always possible.

We have therefore been asked a few times recently by tutors: “If someone else has scheduled a meeting, how can I get hold of that recording to edit and share it with the students in my course?”

The solution requires the user who currently “owns” the recording to share the recording with you in a particular way in Panopto, and so you may want to ask this person to follow steps 1 to 3 below:

1. Create a folder

Ask the user who has the recording (the person who scheduled the meeting) to make a sub-folder inside ‘My folder’ and call it something like “Shared with colleagues” or “Shared with [name here]” if they will be sharing a lot of recordings with you in the future.

Screenshot of Panopto showing how to add a sub-folder within the My folder

2. Move the recording

The recording(s) now needs to be moved to this new folder in the normal way:

Screenshot of Panopto showing how to move a video recording (part 1)
Moving a Panopto video … step 1
Screenshot of Panopto showing how to move a video recording (part 2)
Moving a Panopto video … step 2

Then click on the Move button.

Close down the pop-up and then click on the newly-created sub-folder to access the folder (in this example, ‘Share with Becky’).

3. Set the sharing permissions for the folder

Click on the ‘gear’ icon to access the folder settings:

Screenshot of Panopto showing how to access folder settings

In the pop-up, click on Share on the left-hand side (1, below), then type in the ‘p’ number (2) for the person with whom the folder contents need to be shared. The user should appear in a list below, so click on the name (3) to select it:

Screenshot of Panopto showing how to select people with whom you wish to share videos

Once selected, Can create should be selected (1, below). There’s also the option to notify the user by email (2) and to type a message to include in the email (3). Click on Send and save changes (4) to confirm the share:

Screenshot of Panopto showing how to configure the folder options in order to share the content with colleagues

4. Accessing the shared folder

When you next go to Panopto, click Browse on the left.

You will see a ‘Users’ folder greyed out. Click the arrow to expand it and within that you will see the greyed out ‘p’ number of the meeting scheduler. Inside that you will see the newly-created folder (in this case, “Shared with Becky”) and you will then be able to access/edit/move the recording, as you need to.

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